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Journaling - a step in the write direction

By Susan M Lewis MEd

Journaling can be a productive exercise to not only capture your day but to work your writing muscles. You don’t need something fancy to write in, just a simple notebook will do. You can even keep a journal online. There are several websites that allow you to keep a digital journal for free.

Journaling can be very therapeutic. It can help you gain a perspective on where you are in your life right now, help you to look back and see where you have been and how things have changed, and just be a space to vent.

There are  health benefits of journaling, including reducing stress, maintaining a healthy weight, dealing with traumatic issues, and improving your overall mood.

You can even keep a gratitude journal where you can record things that you are thankful for. What better way to keep track of your everyday blessings!

Journaling can also just be a place to capture pieces of your life, like a literal photo album. A few words written every day can express what you did and how you felt without making you feel you have to write a dissertation.

Another benefit of keeping a journal is it keeps you writing. Writing is a muscle you develop like any other muscle in your body. The more you write the easier it becomes.

While some people seem to just overflow with words, some people need to work at it. With dedication, writing down the thoughts that seem to flow effortlessly in your mind will become easier to express in writing when you make journaling a part of your daily routine. Once journaling becomes a part of your life, it will make moving to the next step in your writing goals so much easier.