Writing Resources

by Susan M Lewis, MEd

Below are links to sites that offer writing resources

The Gallery of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) “represents a broad cross-section of writing hosted by the National Council of Teachers of English. The Gallery provides a lively reading experience and an opportunity for writers to share their craft and find a broad and diverse audience. There are several ‘galleries’ where you can submit your work and The Gallery accommodates any composition format—from word processing to photography, audio/video recording to text messages—and all types of writing—from letters to lists, memoirs to memos.” Their website is http://www.galleryofwriting.org/.
Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is one of my favorite resources for writing projects. Information is broken down by categories and needs, and you can find support for general writing as well as specifics such as research and citations. There are also resources on the MLA and APA Guidelines, English as a Second Language as well as Job Search Writing (something helpful to keep in mind after graduation).

Don’t think that English class is the only place that requires writing, though, because a good teacher incorporates writing into every subject area. Purdue OWL will help with that, also, offering Subject Specific                                                                       Writing information as well.
If your goal is to strengthen your vocabulary, Vocabulary and Spelling City has online flash cards using SAT words that are easy and fun to use. The words can be printed, customized, or studied online. You can even play games.
Writing for Theater and Film is a blog that is a part of the website TheaterSeatStore. Although this website sells furniture, there is an amazing amount of good reference material on its blog page, including an assortment of theater and writing information.
A Special THANK YOU to LouAnne Taylor and Brooklyn for passing on this information!!